The style that we see in clothing changes constantly. Sometimes, it’s a brand new style.  Many times, it’s a reproduction of clothing from the past. Colors that are shown on the runway change, as well. So, what colors are we going to see this fall?

Neutrals are always a hit and this fall is no exception. Gone are the days when you cannot wear white after Labor Day!  White is hot this year!  You will see brown, tan, and all of our favorite fall colors paired with white.

When I think of fall, I envision the changing colors in the trees….greens, reds, yellows, and browns.  All of these will be shown, some with a new twist.  

Clay colored clothing will show up this fall.  This color can stand alone as it’s own color, or paired with other neutrals to create a pop.  Clay looks great on many different complexions, as well as with all hair colors. 


With the new Barbie movie, we all know that pink is everywhere! Pinks will take a deeper approach and magenta will emerge as a show-stopper. Magenta was Pantone’s color of the year, and it can be worn alone, with neutrals or with another pop of color.

‘Bright and muted reds will be prominent in fall clothing.  Red looks great paired with so many colors.  Add a bright yellow or fuschia and create a lovely pop of color.

Burgundy is normally a fall staple and will come back in full force this year.


Brown will also be a staple clothing color. You will find it paired with other neutrals and pops of color. Expect to find brown styled with black and gray. You will also see a toned-down brown used as a full outfit. This is a mix of khaki and brown, creating more of a sepia tone. 

A dusty blue will make an appearance this year, bringing forth feelings of the winter’s snow. This shade will be a big hit this fall.


Last, but not least, we will see gray on everything.  Gray has always been a staple color and will be a hit this year, too.



Which fall color is your favorite? What are you most excited about? I love clay colors, so I am excited to create fall outfits with neutrals paired with clay.  Let Caaak Boutique help fulfill your fall wardrobe. We have so many stylish, affordable women’s clothing options. 
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